Our Services

Verdi operates both as a consulting firm and a multidisciplinary marketing agency – delivering measurable results via two key practice areas:

Strategic Consulting

Bringing informed perspective, crucial data, and proven methodology to the planning process.

Whether it is a new corporate initiative, product launch or marketing campaign, Verdi’s strategic insights and disciplined approach to research and planning de-risk key decisions – while assuring quantifiable objectives, realistic strategies, and accurate forecasts.

In preparation, we may employ various research techniques to assess markets, position products, and identify opportunities. The overall goal – and outcome – is the client achieving a higher return on their investments in branding, marketing, and sales operations.

Verdi research services include:

  • Customer Data Profiling, Segmentation, Predictive Modeling

  • Industry Analysis + Competitive Intelligence

  • Product + Market Testing
  • Attitudinal Research, Brand Benchmarking, Customer Satisfaction Measurement
  • Social Media Influencer, Listening + Conversation Analysis

Campaign Implementation

Data-driven marketing initiatives. From concept to plan – through testing, execution and tracking.

Verdi’s campaign tactics often include a combination of:

  • Sales Lead Generation
    Site-Specific Digital, Direct Mail, Email, Events, Telemarketing
  • Paid Media
    Search, Digital, Social, Print, Outdoor or Broadcast Advertising
  • Earned Media
    SEO, Content, Social, Influencer, PR, Strategic Partnerships
  • Sales Operations Support
    Marketing Automation, Pipeline/CRO, CRM, DRIP
  • Customer Loyalty
    Cross-Sell, Retention, Reactivation or Referral Programs

Verdi’s longstanding expertise in advanced data targeting and behavioral science form the roots of our successful marketing campaigns. Data determines the optimal tactical mix for each client’s unique objectives, product and market. These tactics drive impressions, engagement, response and conversion – with each tactic held accountable to specific performance metrics.

It is no coincidence that this approach has netted our clients more than $2 billion in incremental sales tracked specifically to our efforts. We specialize in direct response tactics, but work closely with our clients’ branding teams to assure that success does not come at a cost to a brand’s integrity.

Why Choose Us

Verdi team members all have 20+ years of achievement in our respective fields. We have produced results for clients worldwide and advised many of America’s leading brands.


Having executed 100s of campaigns, Verdi has a hands-on, tactical perspective unavailable to most strategic consultants. Similarly, as implementers our strategic knowledge empowers us to “work smarter” than the average tactical vendor.

Multidisciplinary Approach

Just as sound investing requires proper allocation of assets, marketing success is assured by the correct allocation of 20-30 possible tactics. While many marketers favor only those few tactics most familiar to them, Verdi’s diversity of experience enables a more holistic approach – derived from decades of campaign analytics spanning multiple industries.

Individual-Level Data

While aggregate data are helpful to measure overall campaign performance, Verdi’s focus on household- and business-specific data reveals WHO performed best, where to reach them, and how to find other prospects just like them.

See Us in Action

Take a closer look at who our clients are and what we’ve done for them: